Pie For Breakfast

The trustees at the Middletown Springs Public Library have discovered a sure cure for the Wintertime Blues… Pie for Breakfast.

On Saturday, March 7, 2014, from 8am-11am, they will be serving up All You Can Eat PIE For Breakfast with tea, coffee, or juice. The slices are cut thin so it is easy to try many different varieties. Pies are both sweet (such as pumpkin, apple, berry, chocolate…) and savory (such as quiche, spinach, ham…).

Location: the Middletown Springs Historical Society building on the green in Middletown Springs. The event is so popular that it has outgrown the library.

$7 for adults; $4 for children 5-12, under 5 FREE. All proceeds benefits the Middletown Springs Public Library.

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