Library Information

39 West Street,  PO Box 1206

Middletown Springs, Vermont
(802) 235-2435

Open Hours

Walk-in Patrons & no-contact Porch Pick-up

Monday 2pm – 6pm
Tuesday 2pm – 6pm
Wednesday 2pm – 6pm
Friday 10am – 2pm

Saturday 10am – 12pm

     Please feel contact us with questions and for help accessing the online resources.

Librarian:       Kimberly Bushnell
Assistant Librarian:    Melissa Chesnut-Tangerman

Trustees: Kristal Haynes Hier, chair
vacant, vice-chair
Beth Miller, treasurer
Haley Kenyon, secretary
Alida Tarbell, member-at-large


Herb Childress, Elizabeth Cooper, Kathleen Feeley, Elaine Huber, Haley Kenyon, Alix Leopold, Nora Rubinstein, Alida Tarbell, and many others who help with the book sale, bake pies, and help out in any way they can.